"Discretion is The Better Part of Valor"

Hi everyone, this is a brief and cleaned up transcript of a segment in the show called, “Danny’s Juicy Quotes.” If you’d rather watch it, check it out here.

Danny: I got a juicy quote for you, baby.

Anthony: Let's hear it.

Danny:  I ran into this quote and I've been chewing on it. Discretion is the better part of valor.

Now, I had to look up every word in this even "is." But seriously…

Let’s break it down. What is valor? It's like bravery. It's when you go in and you are victorious. You're brave and you execute. You succeed doing the mission. You got to have balls whatever whatever gives you that OOMPH to do it - like I said, valor is LIKE bravery. But discretion is the better part of valor.

And what's discretion? it's how you do what you do and, even more important,  if you do it. So if you do it, maybe you shouldn’t, and how you do it. Going in guns blazing - that’s not discretion and that’s not valor. That’s courage, sure, maybe, it’s not valor.

Anthony: right.

Danny:  And I've been thinking a lot about this because I have a I have a classic situation. To generalize, it’s any situation where you think someone's doing something wrong and you want to remedy it. However, you have to acknowledge that the first  part here is that  you do have a goal. So if you are an asshole, you won't achieve your goal! D is the better part of V!

My story where I failed and my mom called me clean on it: we're at The High Line Park and this guy is standing on the grass with his baby. And there's a sign that says "Don't Touch the grass" like they're working on the grass, the park officials are, they’re re-growing the grass.

So, defender of grass that I am,  I start yelling at him. Now, he was on the grass and his baby too and he's like "Oh is my baby hurting the grass?" I was like, "you're also on the grass, Einstein" which I still think is hilarious.

Anthony: I bet that felt good in the moment.

Danny: It did feel good. And then my mom goes, “you know,  you didn't get your goal.” He was still on the grass. So that didn't work and I had to admit my mom was right. I had the courage there, but not the valor. I know why I did it really, because calling people out gives you a wonderful adrenaline spike.  I don't do drugs. That's all I got.

Anyway, when I ran into this phrase, I started thinking, what should I have told the man. And after countless nights of thinking about it, I should’ve just said, "Sir just so you know, they use chemicals on the grass and it can make your son sick."

Anthony: And then he probably would be like, "oh my God. Thank you so much "

Danny:  Bingo. D is the better part of v, folks.