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Submit anything below related to the show including comments, AITA situations, PSAs (like if a whole group of people are being a-holes). All submissions are completely anonymous. If you want it posted to the FB group sooner rather than later, say so. Some people have also wanted to submit pictures (we’d happily accept video or audio too), you can email us at

Don't post to FB group?

What does #AITA mean?

It’s short for “Am I the Asshole?”

What’s the format of the pod?

We pride ourselves on a “get to the meat” philosophy where we spend less than 2 minutes doing any announcing or riffing up top. Then, we read 2 - 4 curated posts from the subreddit. After each post, we read listener comments and reddit comments. If you want your comments featured, be sure to check out our FB group. After, we try our best to break down the situation, tell related stories and jokes, and have a good time.

After the reddit AITAs, we read listener submissions. Finally, we wrap up on some segments including: Am I The Hero?, I’m The Asshole, Asshole Watch, Guess The Verdict?, and banter (which is just open-ended, human conversation).

I want to submit. I have a situation. I have something to say.

There’s a form above where you can submit. You can also email us at You can also post directly to the FB group (and it will publish with moderator approval, usually within 24 hours). Also please JOIN the FB group and comment on situations.

What do all these acronyms mean?

On the subreddit, a person OP, original poster, will describe a situation where they are curious if #AITA,

After, commenters respond to OP (original poster) with the following acronyms:

YTA - You’re the asshole (and the other person is not)

NTA - Not the asshole (and other person is)

NAH - No assholes here

ESH - Everyone sucks here (all people are aholes).

We also have a few acronyms of our own:

OP/Sub - original poster, submitter

OPITA - OP is the asshole

D is the BP of V - Discretion is the better part of valor

Who is this for? Why is this happening?

The subreddit describes itself as “a catharsis for the frustrated moral philosopher in all of us.“ The sub also says “This is NOT an advice sub.” Our pod has a different focus. We tend to focus more on the practical aspects of a situation, how it could’ve been different, how this should’ve been approached, and we like to have fun along the way.

Our purpose is to gain wisdom and learn from the subreddit, submissions, and our community. But we also like to roast people and stuff. It’s just too fun.

Who came up with the ‘subreddit’?

The subreddit and related terminology was spawned by u/flignir looking to settle a score in his office related to air-conditioning (Mashable). According to the Daily Dot piece, he felt “that since his female co-workers had the option of putting on additional clothing, they should cede control of the thermostat to the overheated men.” In a meta post linking to news coverage about AITA, u/flignir said “Someone… said something to the effect of ‘You're right, I guess.’ And I became the first non-asshole on the sub.” It appears the original post is deleted.

Who coined the phrase, “Am I the asshole?”

The earliest use we could find online was in 2003. A guy named Ian Glazer wrote a blog post regarding his thoughts on Americans having too many passports, and therefore being too prevalent all around the world. He said, “Frankly, the less fat-ass, ignorant, white-sock wearing, TGI Friday’s eatin’, assmonkies, I have to deal with while I am abroad, the better. Am I the asshole here?“ NTA.

Are you formally or officially associated with Reddit or the Subreddit?

Nope, we’re just casual users.

Do you have anything insightful to say about morality or ethics? (said no one ever)

No, not really. But we have this pith to offer:

If you start a fight and lose fairly, people will definitely call you an a-hole.

Holding others to a one strike rule can often make you an asshole.

Sometimes the only way to get someone to walk in your shoes is to throw your shoe at them.

“Common courtesy” is something society expects, but you don’t get credit for. Paradoxically, not doing a common courtesy makes you an a-hole. This includes: holding the door open for an old person, giving up your seat to a pregnant lady, using your blinker, and taking a lost item you found to an appropriate person or place.

Intent doesn’t reduce impact, at least we know that’s a quote we like.

And my (Danny’s) personal favorite:


I have more questions

Feel free to submit any questions to the submit form above. If you’re curious about the subreddit, check out the rules here.


Danny Vega loves reddit and much to his regret, studied philosophy in school. Isn’t that all you need to know? Fine.

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Danny 39 years ago, when he looked better

Danny 39 years ago, when he looked better

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